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We bought double Z-doors going into our master bathroom and a single plantation door for our closet. The top and bottoms of the Z doors didn't line up, based on the pre-drilled holes.

If you used their holes, not only do the tops and bottoms not line up, but the Z board becomes too short. Told them that and their guys in the shop said to take a rubber mallet to it. Well, we used a rubber mallet to align the tops and bottoms originally, but then the pilot holes for the lag bolts didn't line up. Then we opened the plantation door box.

Missing all six of the lag bolts. No dowels. Hairline cracks in 3 of the boards. So I called and what was their response.

Out of warranty. Sorry Charlie... We ordered in early December. I guess we were required to install instead of celebrate Christmas.

My bad... Look, selling online is tough and stuff happens. But you can't just give flippant responses to customers (especially those that paid thousands of dollars) to "use a rubber mallet." Step up!

Take some responsibility. Try to fix the situation and make happy customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rustica Hardware Door.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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